iTrends Symposium: "Cyber Security"

Tuesday, April 8th at 5:00PM, Qualcomm Institute Auditorium (1st Floor), Atkinson Hall

Free Registration. Free Food. Limited Seating.

The "Cyber Security" symposium aims to introduce students to this trending and growing sector. Opportunity to hear from the industry leaders on market trends and needs, innovative technologies, entrepreneurship, sustainability of businesses, workforce needs and more. If you are a technology or business savvy student who wants to explore a career in this exciting industry come and join us to get connected with industry leaders and alumni. All majors are welcome!

iTrends Symposium Purpose


iTrends (Innovation Trends) will expose students to innovative industries and its leaders so that students are informed with career opportunities.

Symposium Discussion Topics


Discussions will be around technology innovation, conversion of the industry, employment needs, sustainability of business, and more.

Open to All UCSD Students

Giesel Library

Whether you're an engineer, savvy with statistics & business, or a self motivated entrepreneur, this symposium will revolutionize your perspective.

Moderator and Industry Panelists

Ryan Kastner, Ph.D.

Ryan Kastner, Ph.D.
Computer Science and Engineering Professor, UCSD

Ryan is currently a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. He received a PhD in Computer Science at UCLA, a masters degree (MS) in engineering and bachelor degrees (BS) in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, all from Northwestern University. He is the co-director of the Wireless Embedded Systems Master of Advanced Studies Program. He also co-directs the Engineers for Exploration Program. His current research interests reside in three areas: hardware acceleration, hardware security, and remote sensing.

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Dr. Stephen D. Russell

Dr. Stephen D. Russell
SPAWAR Director of Science & Technology/CTO, Space and Naval Warfare Systems - Center Pacific

Dr. Stephen D. Russell serves the SPAWAR Enterprise in several roles. He is the Director of Science and Technology; Chief Technology Officer (CTO); National Competency Lead for Science and Technology, and Research and Applied Sciences; and is Head of the Science and Technology Department at the SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific) in San Diego, California.

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Paul Martini

Paul Martini
Co-founder/CEO, iboss Network Security

Paul Martini is passionate about solving complex problems. With a successful background in computer and software engineering that commenced when he was published at the age of 19 in multiple journals including The International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science and The Journal of Analytical Biochemistry, Martini embarked on a professional journey leading and architecting solutions for organizations and clients such as Copper Mountain Networks, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), and Hewlett Packard (HP).

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Chad Nelly

Chad Nelly
Vice President of Operations, ESET North America

As Vice President of Operations for ESET North America, Chad Nelley has been involved in the Securing our eCity effort since its inception, working diligently behind the scenes with ESET’s Learning and Development group, other ESET executives and staff in an effort to develop the foundational curriculum upon which the current outreach program is built.

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Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols
Director of Information Technology, Sempra Energy

Jeff Nichols is the Director of Information Security and Information Management for the Sempra Energy utilities. Mr. Nichols’ organization provides key IT services for the utilities’ 12,000 employees, including enterprise architecture, cybersecurity, compliance management, data management & predictive analytics.

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  • 5:00pm Welcome & Registration
  • 5:20pm Introductions
  • 5:30pm Panel Session Begins
  • 6:40pm Catered Network Session with Industry Representatives

For further information, please contact: Sandra Ponting, Ph.D.,


  • Companies

    More than 100 core cyber firms employ at least 3,500 private sector employees

    Department of Defense's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) employs 3,095 cyber professionals

  • Economics

    $1.5 billion in total economic impact from the industry, which is more than the impact of hosting three Super Bowls every year

  • Jobs

    Impacts more than 13,000 of San Diego's jobs